e. j. wang

On the coronavirus

From Koyaanisqatsi.

Here are several facts.

Here are several opinions.

On the last point, we see the convergence of several short-, medium-, and long-term influences, all of which are exacerbated in the current situation:

With that in mind, here is how things might go down:

Very little of what I have said here is new. All I have done is taken where things have moved over the last few weeks and extrapolated one step further. I might have overestimated the extent to which the situation is popularly understood as a failure of capitalism, or to which the average American citizen is able to understand and advocate for alternatives to the liberal consensus, or to which the baby boomers have lost their credibility in the past three months. But if I’m wrong, nothing will happen — there’s nothing to lose. And if I’m right…